Rocky Mountain Wilderness Society - United to preserve our mountain home

The first and foremost goal of our non-profit organization is to act as advocates for the Rocky Mountain region and the surrounding crown land. Our Board of Directors are connected to the land and spend significant amounts of time in the back country.


We believe through our own efforts and in collaboration with others the Rocky Mountain Wilderness Society can achieve great things for our region. 


 “In wildness is the preservation of the world.”

Henry David Thoreau (1817 - 1862) naturalist and author, most notably of Walden.




 Our Mission:
To ensure the continued protection of our Rocky Mountain Wilderness Parks, and promote the wise use of neighboring Crown land


To increase awareness of the Rocky Mountain region through our own efforts and in collaboration with aligned groups and individuals


To work in a collaborative manner with the public, industry, and government agencies, achieving positive on-the ground conservation successes in the Rocky Mountain region by way of coalition building and stake holder partnerships


Our Vision

A Rocky Mountain Region that is respected and properly managed to ensure the natural processes and traditional lifestyles are protected and sustained for current and future generations to enjoy


Our Guiding Principles

Our core values direct the actions of the society, its board and volunteers. R.M.W.S. is committed to these values and principals, and they will guide our actions as we pursue our vision, mission and objectives


1. Respect: We will show respect to our environment, traditional land users, rural culture, members, board members, volunteers and stake holders in all aspects of our daily actions


2. Trust: We will work with honesty and integrity in our daily actions to ensure that stakeholders volunteers, members and board members can rely on our work


3. Communication: We will strive to listen and to communicate effectively with partners, stakeholders, members, board and volunteers


4. Non-Confrontational: We recognize there is a diveristy of opinion and perspective about how to resolve the needs of our society and its stake holders, and we pledge to work with humility and understanding while pursuing our vision, mission and objectives



Methods to Accomplish our Mission


R.M.W.S. works through Research, Education, Advocacy and Conservation. These methods are defined as the follows:


Research – To gather data and scientific information in order to provide R.M.W.S. with information to make appropriate decisions based on sound science. Traditional knowledge is also a key component in many decisions


Education - To provide the public and stakeholders with information about the natural resources of the Rocky Mountains and region. Through the use of workshops, educational programs, and the sharing of scientific data/research and traditional knowledge the society shall enlighten and inform the public


Advocacy – is a political process to influence public policy and resource allocation decisions within political, economic, and social systems and institutions. We are motivated by ethical or conservation based principles or simply to protect an asset of interest. Advocacy can include media campaigns public speaking, commissioning and/or publishing research or poll or legal action. We present objective information with the belief that informed citizens will make good judgments about our unique Rocky Mountain resources


Conservation - We promote ecological sustainability as the basis for all human activities and foster increased awareness of conservation issues in the Rocky Mountains and Region. We work to help preserve the natural environment including flora, fauna, habitat, water and land of the region. We believe that the respectful use of the resources through hunting, trapping, traditional food gathering and angling are key components in a healthy eco-system


Measures of Success

Encourage participatory Membership


Hold regular meetings on topics of interest and include relevant guest speakers in annual general meetings


Address matters of conservation significance within the Rocky Mountains and region with particular emphasis on those in which the Society can make a difference

Publicize in the media the Society's achievements and activities


Foster co-operation between the Society and other like-minded organizations and stakeholders


Prepare and publish pamphlets and reports concerning conservation matters as needed


Ensure, through a dynamic and focused Board of Directors, that the Society adheres to its mission and vision statement


An increase in the number of active members


A membership age profile reflective of the wider community


A willingness for members to stand for office


An increase of activities that achieve long term positive effects for the Rocky Mountains and region


Positive publicity in the local, regional and national media


Community awareness of expertise within the Society evidenced by growing consultation from individuals, organizations, and government


An efficient and business-like conduct of the Society's affairs

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