2017 Annual Meeting and Camp Out

RMWS has the Greg River Cabin booked for the weekend of June 16-18 for the annual general meeting and camp out. The site will be available for camping on Friday, Saturday and Sunday nights, with pot luck supper Friday night and Saturday lunch. RMWS will supply a steak supper with fixings for those members in attendance on Saturday evening. Sunday normally is a travel day with individuals looking after their own meals.

This year we have Mors Kohanski coming back to share some of his vast knowledge on bush survival and edible plants. Stay tuned for additional planned events at the camp out.

Memberships available at the cabin when you arrive if you don't already have one.

See you all there!

2016 AGM

Rocky Mountain Wilderness Society


Rocky Mountain Wilderness Society members gathered at the Gregg River Cabin on the afternoon of June 17th for a social evening where a lot of stories were told and friendships renewed. The weather was quite good and with such a warm spring this year the campground filled up before supper was served. The members once again showed their culinary expertise in the kitchen by supplying a great pot luck supper for all attendees.

Saturday morning came all to early for some as the Gregg River Cabin was set up for the RMWS Annual General Meeting. The meeting started at 10:30 with about forty members in attendance. Some highlights of the meeting were discussion of some of the accomplishments of RMWS over the last four years, that had a lot of interaction with the members. The members were very pleased with the on the ground achievements of RMWS which include over 125 kilometers of cleared trails on some of Alberta’s most scenic Mountain trails from the Wilmore Wilderness Park to the Clear Water River in the south. RMWS follows the Alberta Parks standards when it comes to clearing a trail which allows for quite a few years of enjoyable travel before the trail should require any further work, other than the odd blowdown tree which most travelers will look after when traveling on a well maintained trail. We talked about the RMWS sponsorship of tracking collars for the University of Alberta Wolverine Program which took place over the last few years. We talked about the film produced by Compass Media, where the cinephotographic expertise of RMWS member Andrew Mansky was displayed when the film was shown on CBC this past winter.

This year the RMWS had election of three board members, Ken Groat, Brian Bildson and Lyle Moberly had served their respective terms on the board and Ken was the only one that offered another term if elected. Lyle and Brian decided to not run this term and get some new members involved with the board. Cliff Henderson and Dennis Quintillio the nomination committee had two members whom allowed their names to stand for election and calls were made from the floor for more. With this done the two members along with Ken left the room and discussion was held as to RMWS new board. The new board members filling the three vacant spots are Richard Aarsin, Virginia Stafford and Ken Groat returning to the board.

(The new board along with all members would like to thank Lyle Moberly and Brian Bildson for all the work the have done in helping get the RMWS started as founding members and for staying on as active members to help see the RMWS through the coming years.)

We discussed this year plans for RMWS which include rebuilding a portion of the Sunset Creek Trail along the beaver dam to a safer spot away from the water and clearing the trail beyond the dam to the Muskeg river. A special project at Summit Cabin (mile 58) will take place this August which will be led by Richard Aarsin. Richard is talking in a capable crew to replace the bottom round of logs on the old cabin and do restoration work on the floor and windows.

This project will be done in collaboration with Alberta Parks and when completed this historic cabin should last and be enjoyed for years to come by all individuals the RMWS stands for.

After the meeting was wrapped up the members in attendance enjoyed the impeccable guitar playing and singing by Natalie Groat and sister Darleen McCallum through the afternoon and well into the evening.





AGM Meeting  Minutes


JUNE 13, 2015



Meeting called to order by Ken Groat at 10:20 am


Ken introduced Virginia Stafford she will working with Jim McClellland on the treasury side for the society. He noted her credentials and the standards that she will be making the board adhere to with regards to financial transactions


Ken briefly talked about the newsletter and the stories in it.  They will be mailed to all the members.


Call for acceptance of Agenda

A motion was made by Gordon Murrison to approve the agenda.  It was seconded by Larry Clegg, All in favor.


The director positions held by Dennis Quintilio and Cliff Henderson were up for re-election this year.  Dennis let his name stand as well as Cliff.  With no nominations from the floor a motion was made by Duane Papke to reappoint Dennis and Cliff.  It was seconded by Bill Dunn.  All in favor, motion carried.


Presidents Report:  Ken talked about the trail trip from last year, toughest trail that the RMWS has tackled yet.  Very thick and the work has cut down the ride by 1 hour from Porcupine Licks to Rocky Pass.  The beaver dam on the way to Porcupine licks is dangerous as hell.  Pack horses were swimming five feet off the trail.  The trail along this beaver dam will have to be re-routed at some point.  The plan is to put some pressure on Alberta Parks and see if we can get this done.  Spoke about the toilet haul job that RMWS did with Alberta Parks.  15 toilets delivered to different locations in the Wilmore Park by RMWS members that hold traplines within the Park. Dennis is working with ESRD to try and get a helicopter to fly a director and member into the locations to place the toilets in the correct locations.  Then we need to get some members into the locations to dig the holes and anchor the toilets.


The project for the Hay River staging area expansion is coming along nicely. It will be nice to expand the existing camp ground and take some of the pressure off the commercial staging area.  Three members of RMWS are checking out locations to make a couple of nice loop trails from the Hay River staging area one for 1 hour in length and then another 2 hours in length.


Treasurers Report: Virginia presented the financial information in lieu of Jim McClelland.  Two members Bruce Baugh and Heike Juergens audited the financial statement and found no errors. Virginia spoke to how transparency is important and how everything looks great.  The financial statement was posted on the board for anyone to have a look at. Ken spoke about the $14,000 ACA grant for 2015.  Financial statements were passed around and there were no questions.


Bill Manary made a motion to accept the treasurer’s report.  Heike seconded it.  All in favor Motion carried.

Dennis spoke about a trip that he has proposed to the board

on the Cut off Creek. Would like to go back to the trail and

clean it up a bit more.


Cowboys Ball will remain in Hinton for 2015 at the Crestwood Hotel. October 24.


Memberships were discussed and how to easier manage the renewal

of memberships, etc. Gordon Murision motioned that Kevin Guimond

be given a life membership for his donation of the  saddle he had won

in the auction raffle at the Cowboys Ball in 2014.  Johnny seconded

the motion.  All were not in favor.  Motion declined.


Bryan Drysdale moved for the board to address the life membership that was offered to Kevin Guimond at the Cowboys Ball.  Mandy seconded.  All in favor motion carried.


There was talk about an honorary membership or an award type system.  This will be discussed further by the board  Dennis

suggested a letter to Kevin about the life membership.


John Groat mentioned that maybe we should be concerned that if we keep up the improvements in the Wilmore, like the toilets and cleared trails, the park may start to charge a usage fee.  Ken wasn’t sure that would happen, but we can’t predict the future.


Ken introduced Mors Kochanski and Gary Mandrusiak. 

Ken told the group about the rope halter making that would be after Mors and Gary.


Date of Sept 12, 2015 was set for the fall campout at the Wild Hay Equine Camp area.  More info will follow to the members closer to the date.


Johnny motioned to adjourn the meeting, Landon seconded.  Meeting adjourned at 12:05 pm