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September 2014


Good Trail Clearing


This is Reg and Krys Marek from McBride, B.C. and we would just like to comment on the great job you guys did on clearing the trail over Pope-Thoreau and on the South Berland.  We went through there this year in late August and then up the North Berland.  You did an enormous amount of work and we sure appreciated it when we went through.  We went up into Snow Pass and into Jacknife Pass from one of the camps and had a great trip and were thankful for you work on the lower end.  There is a section on the North Berland between Sunset Meadows and the Indian Trail that's bady flooded by beavers and we had to go up off the meadows to get around it but other than that the trails were pretty good.  We always try to do our share of cutting also and did some clearing here and there on our trip.  We usually are more on the southern and western part of the Wilmore and had only been on the Berland once about 30 years ago os we sure did appreciate not having to struggle through on overgrown trails.  I am a member of RMWS and hope to sometime join you on a trail clearing project.

Thanks again.





November 2013

Just a quick note to thank the Trail Clearing Crew for the good job done on the Berland River Trail.   We rode it this summer and appreciated not having to deal with the boggy areas along the river.   Well done.

Barry McLachlan
Grimshaw, AB



October 2013

I was so pleased to have made the effort to travel to Rock Lake to participate in the members' campout and trail clearing opportunity over the long weekend in September. I had been a new member for a awhile and was anxious to meet the others. From the warm welcome on arrival to the wonderful camaraderie throughout the weekend, I felt like I was amongst old friends. I continue to be very impressed by the focus and dedication that the Executive, Directors and other members demonstrate towards the great vision of the Rocky Mountain Wilderness Society. They definitely walk the talk!


Maxine Maxwell

Wembley, AB




August 2013 

Just recently myself and three other persons rode from the Cowlick Creek staging area through Big Graves to Whistler Lake. I was very thankful and impressed at the trail clearing that took place after Hayden's Ridge. We took this same trail last year and we bogged two horses down and I was hurt..

Thank you for clearing the trail.

When we got out on September 11 I asked Shane Ramstead who would have cleared the trail he told me it was the RMWS. I am indebted. 

Kerry Rudneski

Lac La Biche, AB






June 2012 

My best regards to the newly established Rocky Mountain Wilderness Society.

Your Mission, Vision and Guiding Principles closely align with those of Alberta Parks.

Your early success in establishing a distinguished board and membership demonstrates the passion and commitment of your membership. I along with other Alberta Parks Staff look forward to collaborating together in preserving the conservation values of the Willmore Wilderness Park and the Rocky Mountain Ecosystems for future generations to enjoy.




Andy Van Imschoot

Regional Director

Tourism, Parks and Recreation

West Central Region.







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